Renewed Beginnings

Welcome, 2023!

It’s been several months since I’ve re-resurrected this site.  In my initial post, my stated goal was to post meaningful content and not posting for the sake of adding content.  The plan is still in place.  I have spent the last months of 2022 organizing notes and plotting a course to getting things done this year for not only my artistic ventures, but also general things that need to get at home and in daily routines .  I consolidated scattered lists into one master list. So far I’m at 2.5 pages on regular notebook paper with 4 things checked off. I will keep this “master list” and add to it as the weeks and months go by. It will stay in plain sight on my desk, rather than folded and tucked between items only to be glanced at on rare occasions.  At the end of the year, I will be able to tally how much was accomplished.  As many things have gone undone for too long, I consider this not just an extensive “to do” list, but, rather, an accountability list.  And speaking of accountability, time to log off and begin getting things done!