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“Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!”

“We’re back, baby!” as Futurama’s Bender says whenever the show returns after having been canceled previously. And I’m here to say ‘I’m back!’ as well.  Nearly a year ago I resurrected this site for  creating and posting more art.  Shortly after launch, and through to springtime, the health of our aging dogs (aka studio management) […]


Every January for the past several years, I’ve observed others writing about their personal “word of the year.”  I’ve always dismissed it as a trendy way to shout about having big plans for the year, and that somehow a single word contains magic to make things happen.  In my personal experience, whenever I’ve announced my […]

Renewed Beginnings

Welcome, 2023! It’s been several months since I’ve re-resurrected this site.  In my initial post, my stated goal was to post meaningful content and not posting for the sake of adding content.  The plan is still in place.  I have spent the last months of 2022 organizing notes and plotting a course to getting things […]

Unfinished Business

This week I celebrated my 48th trip around the sun. I’m now barreling down the homestretch toward the big 5-0.  When I turned 39 in 2013, I launched my first attempt at an art blog, LOT80 Studio, which has long since fallen into a digital abyss. A few months prior to launch, my husband, Alex, […]